Looking for a Football Club in Poland? Camp for Unemployed Players!

Looking for a Football Club in Poland?

Looking for a Football Club in Poland? Polish Union of Footballers is organising Camp for Unemployed Players! Don't waste you time - sign in!

Polish Union of Footballers invites footballers who are currentluy unemployed and are looking for a new club. We offers You professional trainig camp and test matchers with the participation of professional football trainers and scouts.

Don't waste your time - call us and sign in today!

What You need to have/to do?

- fill in Footballer's CV

- have a seson behid yourself - professional contract in last club will be big advantage

- good health condition and actual valid medical football card/certificate

- Polish Union of Footballers' membership - you don't need to be a Polish citizen (annual cost only 24 PLN)

- camp recrutiment fee costs only 200 PLN

When and where?

26th of June - 2nd of July 2017, Rybnik-Kamień, Poland
3rd - 6th of July 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria
7th - 13th of July, Trzebnica, Poland

Important! Whole cycle last from 26th of June till 13th of July and we provide rotation of players. If you don't qualify from the beginning, it doesn't means you can't come later during the camp.

For more information choose on of the numbers: 604 606 663 (Kacper), 698 320 038 (Daniel) or write an e-mail to: daniel@pzp.info.pl or k.zielinski@pzp.info.pl.

dodano: 23-05-2017


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