by | Apr 19, 2018 |

FIFPro is the worldwide representative organisation for all professional footballers; more than 60,000 players in total, male and female. The World Players’ Union currently has 63 national players’ associations as their members. Five candidate members and seven observers hope to join FIFPro in the near future.

The mission ‘FIFPro supports players’ and our mission statement ‘FIFPro is the exclusive collective voice of the world’s professional footballers’ are key principles. These are the two guiding foundations that underpin FIFPro’s activities.



FIFPro is the leading worldwide representative organisation for all professional players (players’ associations).
FIFPro is a democratic, player-driven organisation. Equality and solidarity are key concepts.
All affiliated associations actively promote the collective and individual interests of the players.
Players who are members of an association affiliated to the FIFPro are by extension also guaranteed of the support of other players’ associations in other countries.

  • All players are entitled to independent and fair arbitration in national and international disputes. In cases of arbitration, 50% of the arbitrators should be chosen by the players.
  • FIFPro pursues equal rights and obligations for all players all over the world.
  • FIFPro takes an exceptionally critical attitude to any form of transfer system for professional players.
  • FIFPro advocates a correct balance between labour legislation and the specific characteristics of football as a sport. This balance can only be established in an international collective bargaining agreement.
  • FIFPro is committed to the achievement of a standard international player contract and an international match calendar.
  • FIFPro works for the worldwide formation of players’ associations, which operate independently of clubs, agents and national associations.
  • Because the FIFA has recognized the FIFPro as the sole representative of the players, all players’ associations affiliated to the FIFPro should also be recognized by national and international football associations as independent players’ associations.
  • FIFPro makes no distinction on the basis of nationality, religion, political convictions, race or gender. FIFPro is against all forms of racism and violence and will oppose these at all times.
  • FIFPro opposes all forms of exploitation and taking advantages of players by third parties. FIFPro advocates transparency and monitoring of all moves.
  • The doping problem requires further consultation. Testing procedures must be reliable and uniform. In case of sanctions, consideration should be taken of personal circumstances and decisions should be taken on the basis of an individual case management. Sanctions should not be disproportionate.
  • FIFPro respects and protects both the individual and collective image rights of players.
  • FIFPro protects the legal position of players in relation to the presentation of football matches via radio, television and other media.