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As a mental preparation trainer and a member of the training staff, he works in the field of football at the level of the Polish national team, Ekstraklasa, First, and Second league. Currently, he is the most exploited mental trainer in Polish football.


He has been a member of the Raków Częstochowa training team for six seasons, and at the same time, he cooperates with the First and Second league clubs. For six seasons of representation, he cooperated with the coach Adam Nawałka.


Over 700 players have benefited from individual sessions with Paweł Frelik, including: Rafał Gikiewicz, Kamil Grosicki, Thomas Petrasek and Damian Kądzior.


Paweł Frelik regularly lectures at the PZPN School of Coaches, at UEFA PRO courses, and international conferences on football. He also conducted motivational speeches for a groups of 1200, 800, and 400 people.


From 2016 to 2019, as a sports coach, he conducted over 300 mental trainings in English for players from countries such as Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Georgia, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, England, Uruguay, Belarus, Ghana, Guinea, and Romania.


He is the author of texts for 10 sports audiobooks and the co-author of such audiobooks as: “Motivation before the match”, “Artur Boruc advises”, “What is in your head, you have in your muscles”.




KRZYSZTOF “FABIAN” ZIĘBA is a certified trainer of Mental Toughness in the MTQ48 model, MTQPLUS, he completed the PRISM Brain mapping course, Coaching courses in the ICF standard, and training courses in the area of ​​Coaching, including: Social BRAIN Coaching, ITFF training course, Transforming Communication training, and many other courses and training.

He started his adventure with coaching as a Break Dance trainer, where over 12 years he conducted over 10,000 hours of group classes in Poland and abroad.

As a trainer, he began to wonder what makes some pupils more self-confident, others less, some more creative, and others with difficulty creating their own dance steps. Why some of them are waiting impatiently for performances in front of the audience, while those who are doing great on training, do not have access to armory on the stage. In addition, he undertook similar challenges, initially as a young pleayer of Widzew Łódź, then as a dancer, conducting workshops, and classes. He also took part in competitions on the scale of the European or world championships.

In addition, he has gained a lot of experience by implementing projects in the third sector, developing the Art of Breaking Foundation, and implementing international festivals, competitions, classes, and projects that activate and integrate young people, including deaf youth.

This path led Krzysztof Zięba to the place where he is today. Developing the brand #celkierujedziałaniem ( goal directs the action), he works as a mental trainer, coach, and consultant in both sports and business.

He cooperated with the Polish Union of Footballers, coaching the Polish Homeless National Team and the TME UKS SMS Łódź players.

The best proof of Krzysztof’s competencies are his clients and their thoughts:

Aleksandra Tołomanow 7-time Polish champion in cycling, medalist of the European championships:

A huge respect for the level of training you are providing! I haven’t met a coach on my way, with such a wealth of tips and methods ready to use! I liked your individual approach to each participant. If I had met such a coach before, my sporting career would certainly have been different… After your visit, I had a head full of thoughts and ideas, which I quickly turned into action “You will know them by their fruits” – I did not expect that I would start picking them so soon. Thank you and I look forward to more! “

Marzena Salamon , the first trainer of TME UKS SMS Łódź, assistant to CLJ U17

The training with Mr. Krzysztof before MP U19 undoubtedly had a positive effect on the entire team and individual players. During the workshops, we had the opportunity to integrate and merge the entire team before the finals, thanks to this “team spirit” which was definitely our strong side. It was also a new stimulus for the players, previously unknown to some, that made the girls perceive things differently and were more aware! ”

Patryk Dembowski trainer of youth groups at KOSSM Ksawerów

As a player, I dreamed of playing basketball as long as possible; thus, meetings with Krzysztof changed my view, so now I’m a coach, and mental training sessions allowed me to confirm my life mission, bring out my strong character traits and set the highest goals. Currently, I am the coordinator of youth groups, I run 3 teams and deal with the motor preparation of players in the Club. I am an employee of PZKosz in the SMOK and KOSSM programs and I got into the elite training “School of PZKOSZ coaches”. Quoting Krzysiek “if you cannot continue to play basketball, why can’t you teach it? – this question changed everything! “

Daniel Archetka scaut/RSport agency:

Krzysztof is a patient and effective teacher with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Additionally, his passion for constant self-development demonstrates that, as an expert, he does not stand still and is the finest model for his charges to follow. I had the pleasure of training under his supervision (individually and in a team), and working on joint projects in football. Each of these experiences was inspiring and left Krzysztof with a certificate of professionally performed work. “