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The President of the Polish Union of Footballers (PZP), Euzebiusz Smolarek, met with the President of the Polish Olympic Committee (PKOL), Mr. Andrzej Kraśnicki, at the headquarters of PKOL. They primarily discussed the project of pension schemes for professional athletes.

The implementation of pension schemes for professional footballers is one of the main goals set by the Board of the Polish Union of Footballers. However, the problem does not only concern footballers, but all professional athletes. That is why PZP decided to act very widely as regards this issue.

On Wednesday May 22, we took a very important step towards introducing legal changes to provide pension protection for sportsmen. The President of PZP met with President Andrzej Kraśnicki at the head office of the International Olympic Committee (MKOL). After a very fruitful and substantive meeting, PKOL expressed its whole-hearted support and willingness to actively cooperate with PZP in order to financially secure athletes who finish their professional careers.

For a long time now, PZP has been trying to convince the environment to introduce a pension fund for sportsmen. In Poland, an employee receives a pension within the framework of the so-called third pillar after achieving the statutory age, and it is definitely incompatible with the profession of an athlete. In autumn, we conducted a survey in which we asked players whether they were willing to save a certain part of their salaries. A great percentage of footballers stated that they are ready for such a solution.

Podziel się